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About Us

We provide a one stop solution for all your issues in the field of healthcare revenue cycle management.

About Us

BillingFox Technologies Pvt. Limited is a prominent, major worldwide provider of process outsourcing services, businesses and knowledge, primarily in the field of the healthcare system. As a partner, we deliver and provide best in class resources to meet the expectations of our clients and we help them to strengthen their workflow and business processes to grow and achieve their highest potential. Along with these we also provide with all the resources and technological support to overcome other modern challenges and to scale up their operations to achieve their targeted financial goals.

We are a team of hardworking, dedicated and determined people who are working rigorously day and night to ensure and provide a one stop solution for all your issues in the field of healthcare revenue cycle management.

Why BillingFox

Because we’re an up-and-coming company with a perfect blend of bright young people and some seasoned veterans who are solely dedicated to provide a one-stop solution for all the issues in the field of healthcare billing. We also help by efficiently managing all the revenue cycles with a complete set of medical billing and coding services. We work with both the Payers and Providers, giving us an upper hand over the competitors of this domain, i.e., Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Our work speaks for itself as we have already established our expertise across multiple practice management systems, and we were able to constantly reconceive the ROI for ‘’the largest and the leading” giants in the healthcare field. We understand the complexity of ensuring healthy collections from your practice, especially during these difficult times. We vow to free you from the trials and tribulations of billing and make you focus on what matters most- your patients. Try us and be astonished and amazed at how easy we make it for you.